All I can think about is spam

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This is my fourth entry on spam in the last three days (1, 2, 3). Now, Phil Ringnalda reports another kind of spam: comment spamming. In the post comments, Simon Willison points to yet another spamming practice: BBS spamming.

The problem is escalating, although it’s a matter of perspective: the Internet grows and spam grows along. However, much like worms, it may only be a matter of time until we see massive, coordinated spam attacks. The big question is whether we can developed remedies before such attacks happen.

The Matrix Reloaded

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Watched the teaser trailer for The Matrix Reloaded earlier today. It’s awesome! The action scenes are impressive and the soundtrack is very cool. It’s a pity we have to wait until next March for the release :-)

A new president

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With almost all votes counted, Brazil has a new president: Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva. It was not the result I expected, but may God bless him while he works to solve the challenges Brazil faces.

All in all, our country has shown an impressive display of democracy, electing its new president in an ordely, civilized manner. I’m proud to be a Brazilian.


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Today we finally decide who will be our next president. My choice remains, although Lula seems to have won already. Anyway, may the words of our current president come true: “We will win, whoever wins.”

More spam through logs

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Following Kasia’s lead, I checked my logs today and, unsurprisingly, found various entries from the same company she mentions in her post. It seems they are crawling and other sites.

Just banned them from my server.

And yet more spam

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Foreign ISPs are considering rejecting any e-mail comming from Brazil because of spammers.

The two main problems Brazil faces regarding spam is Congress slowness to vote laws to punish spammers and ISP that don’t want to lose customers even when they’re know spammers. Unless we deal with those problems Brazil may find itself in a difficult position, losing markets in the process.


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Find what Google thinks about you. It’s funny how Google is put to use in ways its creators never intended. Googlism is particularly hilarious.

Spam, and more spam

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Spam via e-mail, spam via Messenger, and now spam via referrers.

Kasia asks: “How low will marketing companies get before something is done about this? Why are advertisers still legally allowed to use peoples own resources to spam them with unwanted marketing messages?”

I guess there is not limit to spam. Whenever a way is found to stop, or alleviate, the problems caused by one kind of spam, another kind is created and the cycle begins anew. Spam is a direct result of the greed thinking so pervasive in our society. Wherever money is involved, spam is involved too. The Internet only made easier and cheaper to spam. It has always been so, and the future doesn’t look bright.

On the other hand, I have friends who do not care about spam. A friend of mine even called me a freak to worry about the issue saying people have the right to send unsolicited e-mail. To him, it’s just the same as TV ads — if you don’t like change the channel. He doesn’t realize the price we pay for spam, which is exactly what Kasia is talking about.

It’s also interesting to see how science-fiction, which traditionally deals with this kind of issues long before the world takes notice, has touched the problem. Spielberg’s recent Minority Report paints a grim picture of a future where spam is ubiquitous and uniquely targeted at the individual.

I believe we can and will learn to cope with spam in a limited way, but I don’t believe we will ever see a spam-free future.

Your Japanese name

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Find your name in Japanese. The UI is in Portuguese, but you just need to type your name in the input box.

I’m an idiot…

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…for not reading instructions.

When I dropped FeedReader and started using AmphetaDesk, I also downloaded AmphetaOutlines to enhance they way it displays the feeds. I unzipped the file to the correct directory, but as I only skimmed the installation instructions in the site and didn’t realize I had to create a channel_data directory in AmphetaDesk’s data directory, the main benefit of the outlines was totally lost. Luckly, I went to the site to get a new version, and noticed the problem.

Now I have to agree with Jeremy: AmphetaDesk + AmphetaOutlines is a incredible combination. I can almost forget it’s browser-based :-)

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