The Mothman Profecies

November 9th, 2002 § 2 comments

My wife and I went to the movies with a couple friend of ours to see The Mothman Profecies. The movies depicts supposedly true events that occured in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, between 1966 and 1967, including sightings of a winged creature called the Mothman.

Even without taking in account the supposed reality of the events shown, the movie is truly good and completely grabbed our attention. There were no plot holes and the history flowed very well, ending in a very satisfying way. In short, it’s a movie worth seeing.

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  • Brooki says:

    i read the mothman book by john keel (i think) and i’ve also seen the movie. pretty spooky eh?? have you rerad the book yet?? its good and most of it is true. its not a story like a story form the movie. its based on ALL facts and its short stories about the people who lioved in Point Plesant and their expeirences. i recommmend it for any mothman obessser. yurs truly ..hehe.. -brooki

  • Ronaldo says:

    I have not read the book yet, but I read some reviews and an except sometime ago, and you are right: some of the events occurred, but the movie gave those events a supernatural aura to make them more interesting to the audience.

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