Google mistakes

November 15th, 2002 Comments Off on Google mistakes

Somebody found my blog in a Google search for worms armaggedon xp patch.

It’s interesting because those words don’t appear in a post by themselves. In fact, they appear in a stream of posts spanning some days. The post containing the word “worms” was about spam. The one containing “patch” talked about the DMCA. “Armaggedon” was found is a post about insultingly stupid move physics. At last, “XP” was in a post about the switcher fiasco.

So the words can be found on a page in my site, but they don’t help whoever was searching for patches for worms in Windows. That highlights a problem with Google which is the lack of semantic information. Of course, it’s a known problem which will only be solved with time. The Semantic Web will probably be part of such solution.

Meanwhile, blogs pose a problem for Google and other search engines as they contain packets of information that must be treated separately but, because of the way they are grouped in pages, are taken as part of a larger content (which they are in a certain way). The same problems happens with mailing lists whose archives are published in the web. I’m probably missing something here but, as blogs become a larger part of the web, they may render searches less effective given the problem above. Does someone care to comment?

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