Geek Syndrome

November 21st, 2002 § 3 comments

The Globe and Mail: "Is there a ‘geek’ syndrome?" The article discusses a controversial theory about the increase in autism cases, especially on places where there’s a higher concentration of geeks.

There is a test in the page to find out where one’s in the autism spectrum. Quoting from the interpretation summary:

“Scores over 32 are generally taken to indicate Asperger’s Syndrome or high-functioning autism, with more than 34 an ‘extreme’ score. A ‘normal’ score, based on control groups, is about 16 (or 15 for women and between 17 and 18 for men). A group of mathematics-contest winners scored an average of 24.5. A group of scientists scored an average of 18.5 (19 for men, 17 for women), with computer scientists at about 21, physicists at 19 and those in biology or medicine at about 15.”

I neither have geek parents nor live in the Silicon Valley, yet I scored 34…

(via Realm of the Dark Elf, who scored 38)

§ 3 Responses to Geek Syndrome"

  • Gert Larsen says:

    This test is useless.. I got 31, and i allready have AS.

  • Ronaldo says:

    Most of those onlines test as useless if you are seeking qualitative results — they only serve to raise awareness about the issue.

  • Steve Kudlak says:

    Well I dunno. I used to live in West Virginia. I was thought to be very odd. However this improved my social life. When I was young it was a problem, when I became older it became a positive feature with some rattlesome features, people either liked me or hated me with little middle ground. It got me friends and an underaged but safe girlfriend when I was trying to get my hip replacement to work.

    When I came to California I am just a variant of normal and I found I suddently fit in a Mexican Neighborhood in Central Coast town. This happened right after I showed up. It was pretty amazing.

    When I read about the “Geek Syndrome” I giggled. It seems most of these people are just people who had not found a social group to fit in until they found fellow geeks.

    Speaking of “normals” have you ever watched intense football fans? They know the plays, the players and the trivia behind Friday Night Lights. They just do this in a “normal area” so it never gets labeled compulsive or strange because they know lots of football facts.

    I have know doubt thst there are a good number of “real aspies” out there, but there are lots of others for whom it is just a short hand for “I never fit in…” I dunno if this is a disease that needs cured. If geeks have found girlfriends then they already have worked a lot of things out.

    Note the SF and Monterey Bay Area is very positive and tolerant and sympathetic of people and their problems especially mental. Therefore I can see how many more people have sought treatment than they would in other areas and at other times. Remember in normal politics;) just the mention that someone went to a psychiatrist was?/is? enought to destroy a candidacy for high office.

    So I think all these things have to be taken into consideration, but I thing the concept of the dark secret of Silicon Valley Autism is kind of a bit overblown.

    Have Fun,
    Sends Steve

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