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Miscellaneous links:

Blogs and the media

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Wired News has an article on the role blogs are playing in bringing some issues to the world’s attention when the mainstream press would just let them go unnoticed, as exemplified by Trent Lott’s downfall.

An interesting point in the article is the reaction of traditional media professionals. The opinions are divided: some believe blogs will become an important part of the process of distributing and validating news, while others see blogs as just uninformed opinion. Obviously, both opinions are true to some extent. However, the strength of blogging lies not on the individual blog, but on the collective gathering of opinions and facts that can lead to a more clear and consistent picture of events.

All in all, it’s nice to see that blogging is getting more and more attention. It signals the maturing of this new media. It’s always amazing to see how a simple concept as blogging has become such an important part of the Web, changing the way people communicate and relate daily.

Top Ten Web-Design Mistakes

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Self-proclaimed usability guru Jacob Nielsen published a list of the Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2002. Well, judging from the list, I’d say he didn’t have anything new to talk about and just picked some obvious points that could figure in any yearly list of web design mistakes for the last five years.

The Matrix sequels

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MSNBC is running an article on the two new movies that continue The Matrix saga. It confirms that both movies will be released in the next year — The Matrix Reloaded will open in May, and The Matrix Revolutions will follow in early November. At last!

The article has more information on the movies. As it includes a lot of spoilers, I stopped reading after a few paragraphs. Well, it seems I’m waiting a lot for movies those days. But I guess those I’m waiting for will be worth the wait.

Geek Poetry

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Geek poetry: a Periodic Table of Haiku at iSciFiStory. The page also links to a Periodic Table of Poetry.

It’s a small world

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The blogosphere is an interesting place. I happen to host the blogs of two friends of mine under my domain. A few time ago, one of them found a new, interesting blog and left a comment on it. The blogger on that site returned the visit, and found our mutual friend, also leaving a comment in his blog. Some time later, I followed the links in the comments, and found that the blog my friend had linked to was part of a collective. More interesting, one of the blogs in that collective belonged to a former coworker. It’s a really small world.


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Worldometers™ is an interesting site which has various world statistics on diverse areas like population, health, education, and energy consumption. The statistics are show as counters that are constantly updating to reflect the current numbers. They are obviously imprecise but can give a general idea of the trends. The births and death counters are particularly eerie.

Mandrake Linux needs money

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Mandrake Linux is once again in need of money. This time, they say that they won’t be able to release a new version unless they can raise cash and complete their Increase of Capital.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the fate of most open source ventures. They have a club through which people can contribute to the company, but obviously it’s not enough. I hope they can raise the money since Mandrake Linux is a nice distro. It would be a pity to see them go bankrupt.

Crazy people

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There are a lot of strange people in the world. But some are completely mad. A man is claiming that he was held in Brazil, tortured by the Federal Police, and had a device implanted on his skull intended to control his mind and bodily functions. Few times in my life I heard something so crazy. Some quick thoughts:

  • If Brazil had such a technology, it would also have more advanced technologies in other areas, and that would show up.
  • Why would they single an American citizen when it would be much easier to use Brazilian citizens?
  • Would they leave this guy alive, free to go anywhere and tell the world Brazil has mind controlling technology?


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In less than four hours my working year ends — or, at least, I hope so. The company that employs me usually decides for collective vacations, and this year was no exception. But this time I will be part of the staff on duty, although I will be able to stay at home. So I’m hoping nothing happens until we return to work on January’s second week. I especially hope nothing happens on the next Friday, since that is when The Two Towers opens here :)

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