The Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition

January 12th, 2003 Comments Off on The Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition

Yesterday, I saw The Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition. The mother of a friend of mine lives in the USA, and bought him the 4-DVD box. It was incredible! I had no idea that the 30 minutes or so of new and extended scenes would make such a difference. The history and characters were much better developed. I especially liked to see more of the Council of Elrond and Lothl├│rien. Boromir and Celeborn got a lot more screen time, and became stronger characters. Many of the loose threads perceveid in the big screen version were tied too.

After the movie, we saw a little of the interviews with the cast and a lot of the making of. We were impressed with the work it took to bring the movie into existence; in truth, the work was an epic feat in itself. The technologies used to create the movie are so cool that the three programmers in our group were unanimous in deciding to get work at Weta Digital. I guess we can become part of the cleaning staff until an opportunity arises to work in the software development team ­čÖé

In short, the movie was worth every second of running time. Run, don’t walk, to see it if you still didn’t.

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