Spiraling logos

January 21st, 2003 § 2 comments

I had never paid attention to the sheer number of company employing some kind of spiral or swoosh-like curve to add a “modern” look to their logos. Amusingly, there are even articles and sites devoted to criticize or satirize this profusion of curves. Also, somebody got so irritated with the swoosh that created a page to collect logos featuring the ubiquitous curve. Not only collected, but classified them. The list includes classic swoosh with a ball, classic swoosh with a star, swoosh around the company name e so on.

§ 2 Responses to Spiraling logos"

  • lucy says:

    Hi there, I realise this was posted some time ago, but any info you could let me know about, with reference to the swoosh like curve and reports written about it, that would be great!!


  • Ronaldo says:

    I guess the best places to start with are Google (search for “swoosh logos”) and the links mentioned in the blog entry. Those links containg a lost of information and pointers to other sites as well.

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