January 25th, 2003 Comments Off on Frailty

One of the most common mistakes we make is to believe some things will never happen to us. Especially with respect to violence. We read about it in the newspapers, we know it is becoming worse, but we never really believe something can happen until it does.

Today, I returned from work to my home, and if things had happened differently, I would not find my wife here: she and a friend were robbed at gunpoint, and almost were kidnapped — or worse; only God knows. They had spent the afternoon together, and later this friend brought my wife home. When they arrived at the front door, they stood in the car for a few minutes, talking. That’s when three armed young men ordered them to get out of the car. You can imagine what happened in few succeeding minutes. The robbers were extremely nervous, and ordered my wife and the other lady to get again in the back seat of the car. Fortunately, my wife managed to talk them in letting her and her friend go. She cannot explain how she found the courage to argue with them. The robbers then took their purses, got in the car, and disappeared. Thanks for God, it was over.

As I write this now, a few hours are gone. My wife is asleep, feeling better. The car is ensured, and the loss will not be too big. Obviously, nothing can compensate for the fear my wife and her friend endured, but everything is well now. Except for the documents, nothing else too valuable was in the purses. My wife lost her cell phone, but as she ironically said later: “At least the cell phone was broken, and the purse was very old.”

It’s strange to think this just happened. I lived almost all of my life in the same part of the city. I relocated a few times, but to different houses, and, except for two years in a another part of the city, I always have been in some point of two neighborhoods. When I was a child, the street I lived on was one of the most peaceful in that parts. The little traffic it had was caused by people living there. Theft was almost unheard of. When my wife and I got married, we choose a house in another neighborhood, but not much far from there. We chose it because it is situated near our church, and that would help in our ministries. We also had no problem with violence. Until now. The police officer that handled the case today told my wife the level of violence is increasing exponentially in this parts.

I thank God for His deliverance. Although it’s scares me to think a stranger has the keys to my house in his possession now, I trust God’s provision in that regard. When something like this happens, our perspectives are changed. It’s easier to understand our priorities. The old cliché applies: life is frail.

But as frail as it is, it goes on. Thanks to God.

“And we know that he works all things together for the good of those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8.28)

Update: Good news! The car was found. It had been abandoned after being used for a robbery in another city. Most of the things stolen were in the car, including my wife’s prescription glasses and identification documents. Some we will just have to buy again, but that’s better than nothing. Thanks God!

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