February 10th, 2003 Comments Off on Directions

Should you ever need directions some day when I’m nearby, don’t think about asking them of me. You may end in a completely different place. I can’t remember how many times somebody asked me directions to some place, and I provided what I considered correct instructions with the exception that I was mistaken about a seemingly insignificant detail that later turned out to make a big difference.

For example, recently I was explaining to a friend of mine how to get to his home from where we were, and I told him to turn right in a given street. But, I should have instructed him to turn left at that point. He followed my instructions, and it took him half an hour to find a return point since he was not familiar with the region. I simply don’t know why it happens. It’s probably related to my being terribly inattentive sometimes.

So, don’t trust me for directions. And I’m forced to say that it almost happened again today. Someday, somebody will end up in another city because of my blunders.

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