Kevin Mitnick’s site is hacked

February 11th, 2003 Comments Off on Kevin Mitnick’s site is hacked

The site of Defensive Thinking, Kevin Mitnick‘s security consulting company, was hacked two times in the last few weeks. In the first break-in, somebody calling himself BugBear defaced the site, adding a new page that congratulated Mitnick for his return to freedom and informed him that hacking into his site had been easy. A few time later, another person hacked the site to ask Kevin to hire him as the company security officer.

Ironically, Defensive Thinking’s site runs IIS, Microsoft’s Web server. I thought somebody who is in the security business would know better than use such flawed application. Although Mitnick dismisses the invasions as amusing, I wonder what kind of company will trust him to help them secure their assets.

(via Adriana)

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