Indistinct world

February 13th, 2003 § 2 comments

The frame of my prescription glasses broke unexpectedly the day before yesterday. When I was going home from work, I heard a sound like a low click coming from the frame, but when I checked it I didn’t notice anything wrong. Some hours later, when I was at a men’s meeting in the church, the frame simply fell apart, and the world went indistinct.

I wear glasses since I was seven, and I wear them the whole day. Except in the shower, or when I’m sleeping, I rarely take them off. Although it was not the first time something like that happened to me, the last time I broke my glasses had been so long ago that I had forgotten how badly I rely on them. I can only read if I hold the book a few inches from my face. I can’t use the computer, and even moving around is difficult.

In the morning (that was yesterday), I called work to inform I was not coming in the morning because I needed to fix the glasses. I took my wife with me because I didn’t feel confident enough to get on a bus and go to downtown all by myself barely aware of what was happening around me. Finding a place to fix the glasses was easy, but it did take some time to meld the frame pieces together, and we had to walk around a little while we waited because the place we went had no waiting room. I can’t express how I was relieved when the fix got ready and the world went back to its usual distinct state.

After that, I decided to buy the new glasses I should have bought six months ago when I went to the ophthalmologist the last time. I had my current glasses for almost four years, and I think it was old age that caused them to break. My myopia stabilized two years ago, and in the last test I made it had even got a little better. My wife and I went directly to the store of a man who has made my glasses for the last fifteen years (with a single exception) where we ordered my new glasses and new lenses for her glasses (she had went to an ophthalmologist recently, too). The bill was a hefty R$ 373.00 because I use lenses with anti-reflection coating and a special treatment that makes them go dark in sunlight (I’m photophobic). We had a pretty interesting time at the store talking about how lenses are made, which is something I always wanted to know more about. The technology in this area has improved a lot since my last pair was made.

The new glasses will be ready early in the next week. I hope the fix I made to my current glasses holds until the new ones are delivered. An indistinct world is no fun at all.

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  • I broke my glasses while on an extended trip to India some years back. Learning to negotiate mad Indian street-crossings while 3/4 blind was quite an experience, as was dealing with the delays and innumerable “tomorrows”s of the Indian service economy. When after a couple of weeks the fellow at the glasses shop informed me that my glasses would not be coming back any time soon because the building across town (where unbeknownst to me they had been sent to a sub-sub-contractor for repair) had just *collapsed*, I decided to play the game the Indian way. Fortunately my father-in-law was an ophthalmologist and the son of one ofhis former classmates was in private practice in the town where we were staying. We went to visit the friendly doctor, explained the situation over tea, and after a couple of phone calls wheels were set in motion to get me a replacement pair. Italian imports, no less, to ensure that they would be of comparable quality.

    I’m now in need of some new glasses myself and I’ve set up a web poll to help me decide which ones. Feel free to drop by my blog and vote.

  • Ronaldo says:

    Wow! I can’t imagine having to wait weeks to get a replacement pair, especially in the situation you describe. I would go crazy in a few hours :-)

    I voted on your poll. I prefer rectangular frames myself, but you look better with oval frames :-)

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