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March 19th, 2003 § 4 comments

An Internet Week article claims that most Linux converts come from Windows, rather than from similar Unix platforms. I think that is somewhat obvious since there are much more Windows users than Unix users. Anyway, the article focused on developers and has some interesting points.

Linux seems to be really making deep inroads into Windows territory. I use a dual-boot system at home with Mandrake Linux and Windows 2000, and I’m slowly moving my data over to Linux. I hope to use Linux as my primary platform by the end of the year. Most of the applications I need exist under Linux, and I’m not locked on Windows anymore. Even my wife, who has limited technological knowledge, uses Linux in a regular basis without any problems. I know a lot of other people with a similar experience.

The biggest challenge to Linux is, of course, the old question about a realistic business model for companies developing a market on the platform. It’s a much discussed question, but I have seem no pratical solutions for it so far. Mandrake Linux, which recently filled for bankrupcy protection, seems to be a typical case. I guess we will have to wait a few more years to see how things go. Meanwhile, I hope the volunteers can keep up with the good work.

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  • kris says:

    Hey, Our household currently has 3 computers which is a bit excessive but as a family we’re plugged in so to speak.
    Just 4 months ago we were quite reliant upon windoze but we have ported fully to redhat linux we found no problems and the kids have started finding games which run on linux with not too much diffuculty.
    Even my wife who has very little technical expertise can use linux as though it were a “dumbed down OS”.

  • Ronaldo says:

    Cool! I’m yet using Linux as a primary platform because I couldn’t find a functional Linux modem yet. Hardmodems are hard to come by here in Brazil. But Linux in the desktop is slowly gaining acceptance here. New Portuguese distributions are helping a lot, although there is still a long way to go.

    Amusingly enough, there are people so locked in on Windows that they don’t believe people actually use Linux at home. A friend of mine said a coworker of his couldn’t believe I used Linux as a desktop system. His coworker wanted to visit my house to make sure he was telling the truth. 🙂

  • variant says:

    lol i wish someone who didnt beleive linux could be used on the desktop would visit my house.. they would be a total convert instantly as my linux only home network runs and looks awsome! way WAY better than it did when i had win xp

  • Ronaldo says:

    Most people won’t believe Linux is good even if they see it running, up for hundreds of days. A friend on mine some time ago brought a friend of his to my house because that friend didn’t believe I run Linux in the desktop.

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