Hosting matters

March 21st, 2003 Comments Off on Hosting matters

I was checking my site’s statistics today, and I confirmed an old suspicion. It seems that my former provider was inflating the bandwidth and used space figures. I don’t know if they did it purposefully, or if they didn’t even realize the number were wrong.

When I migrated the site to Vilago, my new hosting provider, I was surprised to see that the space used by the site had shrunk to half of the size reported in the former hosting service’s control panel. Puzzled, I logged via my shell account in the old server, and checked the actual disk space used. I found that I indeed using only 30 MB of space (for both the files and the database) instead of the 60 MB displayed in the other control panel. Today, I confirmed that the bandwidth numbers were wrong as well. The site is getting the same number of hits it usually gets, but the bandwidth usage is lower. If I had no shell access, I would have to believe the numbers in the control panel, which would likely lead me to upgrade the hosting plan before it was really needed.

Well, hosting matters. When I chose my former hosting server, I did it on the basis of the resources they offered. The actual service turned out to be terribly bad, especially when support was needed. So, the lesson is: know who is hosting your site, and know your neighborhood as well.

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