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April 18th, 2003 § 3 comments

My vacations are almost over. I feel great after all those days, with proper sleep, lots of food and books. :-)

My wife and I went out to see a movie, and stopped in a used books store on our way. This detour resulted in six new books for our library. They are:

  • Simulacron-3, by Daniel F. Galouye. This book was adapted to the big screen as The 13th Floor. I was trying to find it since I watched the movie for the first time, a couple years ago, and I simply couldn’t let the opportunity pass.
  • Childhood’s End, by Arthur C. Clarke. One of the all-time Science Fiction classics. The price was great, and the book is incredible.
  • A Canticle for Leibowitz, by Walter M. Miller. Another great Science Fiction classic. This book is so interesting that I would take it regardless of the price.
  • The Solitaire Mystery, by Jostein Gaarder. The first book I will read from this writer. It seemed interesting, and I hope it really is.
  • The Island of the Day Before, by Umberto Eco. A friend of mine recommended it. From what he told me about the book, it will be pretty interesting.
  • Pet Sematary, by Stephen King. One of his classics terror stories. My wife chose it, but I love King’s book and I have never read that one.

I will post my reviews here as I read them.

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  • Kev says:

    I would love to take some time and just read. I go through phases when it comes to reading. I really get into it and can’t put the book down. Then I’ll go 3 weeks without reading a page. It’s quite odd.

    Anyhoo, King’s Pet Semetary is extremely good. My favorite King book has to be ‘IT’ although ‘Desperation’ was good also. One author that I recommend is Dean Koontz. Kind of a ‘X-Files’ meets Stephen King.

  • Ronaldo says:

    I know how it is. :-) Sometimes I act just like you. My wife also acts in a similar way. She gets excited about a book and reads a lot of pages in a short time. The last pages, however, usually take her three times more to finish than the pages she has read in the first stage. I, on the other hand, usually can’t stop reading anything I find interesting until I’m done. I’m often finish a book in the same day I started reading it, even if I have to spend part of the night awake; unless, of course, it’s a really big book, like The Wheel of Time’s installments.

    I finished reading King’s Pet Sematary a few days ago, but I must confess I didn’t like it that much. I found the ending somewhat predictable, and so it lost some of its impact to me. But the book is still a good scare in some parts. :-O Anyway, this is only the third book by Stephen King that I read, and I’m looking forward to reading more of his work.

    I have heard of Dean Koontz, but I have never found one of his book here in Brazil. Books here are extremely expensive. Also, some foreign writers never get published. But I will try to find one of his books to take a look.

  • Cyndee says:

    Books are expensive !! This isn’t right, books should be widely available to all. Let me know a mailing address and I will send you second hand books…no one should be without good books.

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