The Hacker’s Diet

April 23rd, 2003 § 1 comment

Hackers tend to, say, posses more corporal mass than the necessary. 😉 Obviously, with the kind of sedentary life we usually lead, it’s hard to keep a healthy weight. I’m at least four kilograms above the ideal weight for my height and muscular constitution. (To tell the truth, the situation is worse: as I haven’t exercised myself regularly in the last years, the migration of adipose cells to the part of my body directly below my thorax is in a very advanced state.)

Well, there is no other way to solve this problem except with proper exercising and dieting. However, considering the number of crazy diet plans out there, it’s hard to believe that one of them will give real results.

Nonetheless, yesterday, checking the feeds I’m subscribed to, I found a pointer to an interesting diet plan created by a hacker for hackers, properly called The Hacker’s Diet. Its author is John Walker, founder and ex-chairman of AutoDesk. I have a natural distrust for such personal diet plans, but Walker’s plan looks interesting, mainly because of its simplicity. Judging from what’s written in the site, the diet seems to apply only simple and well-known principles.

According Walker, he created this diet plan because his own obesity problems. As Sérgio (in whose feed I found the pointer) notes, Walker is a successful — and rich — person, and it’s unlikely he would create such plan just to get money from gullible people. Anyway, the question is moot since the texts and the supporting material is free. Also, unlike most of the other so-called “diet” plans, Walker says his method is not easy to be applied.

Another interesting point, also noted by Sérgio, is that Walker is a scientist, and, as such, approaches the problem with an analytical vision that makes sense. And, at least for him, it worked, although, as he advises, it may not work for everybody.

It’s really an interesting reading. I will certainly have to take a more detailed look at it later.

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