Flexible computer screen

May 8th, 2003 Comments Off on Flexible computer screen

A friend of mine pointed me to an incredibly interesting article about a flexible computer screen. This is certainly one of the coolest technology news I have seen in a long time. The screen is ultra-thin and can be rolled into a cylinder or folded without losing the image quality. The process through which the image is shown, which is described on the article, is also quite interesting. The possibilities of such technology are enormous, and are not limited to just electronic books.

One of my dreams is that a day will come when I can take my whole library — or at least a big part of it — with me wherever I go. Today, one of problems with such devices is that resolution is too low and makes reading tiresome. I’ve looked at some of the available devices in the market, and, besides being too expensive, most of them use proprietary formats and have few available titles.

Anyway, I hope that in a few years this kind of technology becomes widespread. It will be a great time for book lovers like me. :-)

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