Terrible week

May 26th, 2003 § 4 comments

I won’t forget the last week so soon. Friday, I thought nothing could get worse: the weekend, of course, proved that I was completely wrong.

After some days trying to install a database server I had never used before (which, recalcitrantly, refuses to work correctly) and enduring many problems in the implementation of a system I’m working at presently (which are normal — and expected — development issues, but that stress me anyway), I believed that the weekend would be the only good thing in the week. After all, I would be able to stay at home, read some books, sleep, and maybe get to see the long expected The Matrix Reloaded.

Well, I did get to see the movie. It’s just that I didn’t expect to be robbed afterwards — especially with two thiefs threating to hurt my wife and me. I have been robbed before, but I never was threatened that way and I never lost more than a couple bucks. This time the thugs took our wedding rings, my wristwatch, my cell phone, and my wallet. Fortunately, God helped us, and a police car appeared a few minutes later. After a tense car pursuit one of the bandits was arrested, although he didn’t have any of our things with him. We went back to the crime scene and found our wedding rings and my watch a few blocks ahead where the thug had dropped them while running away from the policemen. My wallet and my cell phone were nowhere to be found. As if the robbery was not enough, my wife and I had to wait three hours before being heard in the police station. Afterwards, to add insult to injury, we had to wait for a bus since I don’t own a car and I had no money for a cab with me and no means to get some anyway, as I lost the wallet.

Well, that is how life is. Now I have to cancel a thousand things, go to my bank to sort things out, get a new ID, and suffer a lot of minor inconveniences. Worse, if my ID is not found, I will always expect that someday somebody will use it for something he shouldn’t and I will have put up with more problems because of it. God willing, that won’t happen.

I just expect this week will be better.

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  • E-Doo says:

    I just recently stumbled upon your blog while searching on Google for reviews on a book I’m reading, The Man in the High Castle (Excellent review by the way…). After reading this particular entry, I must say how sorry I am that you had to deal with a robbery like that. It proves there are some horrible people out there. I am glad to hear that you and your wife are ok. My mother was robbed when I was young. It was just her and me and is was very frightening.

    Take care!

  • Ronaldo says:

    Eric, thanks for your kind words :-)

    I had many problems dealing with the problems resulting from the loss of my wallet and personal identification documents, but that is a price I’m paying for my own carelessness. There are also some lingering effects, like the fear of coming across the people who robbed us, but I thank God we didn’t get hurt.

    I just hope I never have to experience that again. My wife suffered more since it was the second time she was robbed in a couple months. Anyway, such is life. We are alive and that’s what matters. :-)

  • E-Doo says:

    Make sure you see the Matrix: Reloaded. Fun movie to watch. The special effects are AMAZING.

  • Ronaldo says:

    We were robbed when we were leaving the theather after seen Matrix Reload. I have seen it three times already. :-) It’s really a great movie — amazing special effect, as you said, and a great storyline with much interesting things for discussions.

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