R.I.P. Netscape

July 16th, 2003 § 1 comment

Netscape is gone. AOL has cut all the former Netscape team and it’s dismantling the division. Hardly unexpected news, but sad anyway. Netscape is the browser that defined what Internet was to me.

In other news, however, a new foundation has been created to manage the Mozilla Project, and AOL has pledged 2 million dollars to it over the next two years. Other companies are planning to donate as well. Mitch Kapor, of OSAF, has been appointed as the new organization’s chairman, and he has also donated 300 thousand dollars to it.

I certainly hope this new foundation can keep both Mozilla and innovation alive in the next years even if some people are pessimistic about those developments. Without the limitations implied by AOL’s hold on it, Mozilla may even grow to be a better browser than it’s today and gain a competitive lead in the market. Of course, the opposite can happen as well. As an article in the WaSP site pointed, people can come to believe that IE is synonymous with web standards if the foundation’s goals are not met. It’s up to the community to help it to accomplish those goals.

In short, Netscape is definitely dead. Long live Mozilla!

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