September 10th, 2003 § 4 comments

After searching a long time for a modem that really worked under Linux, I finally found one. I installed it, and I’m posting this entry from Mandrake Linux 9.2, on Mozilla.

Although it took me sometime to configure it, everything went well. Nothing that a few Google searches couldn’t solve. The connection speed the modem is reporting now seems to be slower than that of the former modem, but in the tests I made I didn’t notice any real difference. Maybe the old modem didn’t report the real speed, but in fact the maximum possible speed. Anyway, I’m connected now.

Now I just need to properly install a good distro (probably Red Hat 9) and copy all my data to it. This change had been in my plans for a long time, but the lack of a good modem prevented it. Since it’s impossible to get broadband where I live, I was pretty much limited in my use of Linux. Well, the problems have been solved now.

From now on, the future is open.

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