NTFS support in Red Hat

September 13th, 2003 § 2 comments

Soon after I installed Red Hat 9 in my home computer, I found out — to my surprise and chagrin — that it didn’t support NTFS out of the box. As I’m using a dual-boot system and recently decided to definitely switch to Linux as my main system, I needed to access the files in my Windows drives to build my usual working environment.

As I was used to Mandrake, which supports NTFS by default, I thought I would need to recompile the kernel to add the necessary support. Fortunately, a simple good search revealed that the Linux NTFS Project has a small RPM with a NTFS driver that adds NTFS support to Red Hat. I installed and configured it, and the NTFS drives were visible in a matter of minutes, completely accessible in the Linux installation.

The future is really open.

§ 2 Responses to NTFS support in Red Hat"

  • The future is open – until Microsoft manage to convince the world’s businesses to switch to DRM and DMCA protected office files, then lock every Windows machine’s files in to a relational database. Pessimistic but possible.

  • Ronaldo says:

    Such locked-in future would be bleak indeed.

    In this case we can only hope people will realize the in such path lies the danger of losing one’s business because they are limited to just one platform. A bit too optmistic, I know, but I hope cases like Ernie Ball’s change to open software is an indicative that more will follow.

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