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September 30th, 2003 § 5 comments

I’m impressed. I’m writing this entry on a Gentoo Linux distro running directly from a LiveCD, without a single change to my system. I have been thinking about switching from Red Hat to Gentoo lately, and decided to try it out. I’m really impressed with its easy and power. Now I need to get its more recent version, 1.4, which was released recently. The only problem is to get the installation: no Linux reseller here seems to have Gentoo CDs, and I’m not going to download 900MB on a dial-up connection.

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  • If you’re on dialup, I’d recommend a distribution that does not live as close to the bleeding edge as Gentoo.

    Gentoo portage tends to maintain the system with fairly recent versions of software and libraries. This means lots of downloading, as installing every new piece of s/w means updating its dependencies to the latest versions.

    Just a note: You can lag behind on the updates, but my experience with Gentoo makes me believe such setups lack testing and exhibit stability problems.

    Bottom line: Get broadband 😛

  • Ronaldo says:

    About Gentoo, from what I read in the site, I got the impression that the CD releases are sufficiently stable to run without needing constant updates — especially where the last release, 1.4, is concerned. However, as I never run the distro, I can’t say for sure. I will take your word for it. I’d like to use Mandrake, but the last releases didn’t like my hardware and I had to switch to Red Hat, which runs well but it’s not that interesting.

    As for broadband, I’ve been trying to get it for about one year already. The local broadband provider here in my state has a monopoly over ADSL and they don’t care about small customers like me. I’m now thinking about sending them e-mails everyday saying: “I want broadband. I want broadband.” Don’t know if it will work, though :-)

  • elvelind says:

    I do, at some point, agree with Sérgio. Gentoo is att the bleeding edge and thats not as fun when your on a dial-up. But you have the same problem whatever distro you’r using. If you can’t download the latest you have to use whatever comes with the cd. So if you’r using Gentoo or RedHat don’t really matter there. I would still go for Gentoo though.

  • Ronaldo says:

    I agree. I have experienced assorted problems in all distros I’ve used in the past — Red Hat 9 is no exception. Every distros has its small sources of frustrations and you have to get used to them. I’ll give Gentoo a try as soon as possible.

  • How about giving Sorcerer a run ? I came from a gentoo background and have been using sorcerer happily for about 2 years now. It has a lot of features that gentoo has yet to implement such as healing and preference saving ( read : 40 etc-updates ! ) and xdelta packages.

    If you are interested sorcerer can be found at :

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