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October 6th, 2003 Comments Off on Comment spamming

A few minutes ago, I got a bunch of spam in the comments of this blogs. Confirming the impressions of other blogger, those comment spams were hand-crafted and had a certain logic to them. The person who entered them chose a specific entry and posted something relevant about it, proceeding then to enter comments in a bunch of other entries — one per entry — praising the entry, or thanking me for it.

Obviously, given the order of the entries and the content, or lack thereof, of the comments, it was clear that they were no more than a pathetic attempt at social engineering. It won’t work for most bloggers, but a few may end up thinking the comments are valid without bothering to check them.

Anyway, I deleted the comments. I’m fairly sure that will happen again, but because of the very nature of the method used to enter them, there’s nothing I can do to prevent them short of blocking the originating IP. Fortunately, the comments were few and it was fairly easy to delete them and rebuild the related pages.

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