October 19th, 2003 Comments Off on Changes…

Many changes in my life this week… Some important, some not.

Of those, the most important was in my job. I left the company I worked for in the past two and half years for a new position in another Web company. Although the companies have the same target market, my role will be somewhat different in this new company. I will program less and research and design more, which is a more than welcome change. I was simply tired of programming the same old things in ASP, and now I will have opportunity to work with Linux and open source tools, directly participating in the process of building the products the company wants to market.

The other changes were not so important, but they kept me busy for some time. All in all, the past two weeks were two busy weeks. I hope the next weeks are as uneventful as possible.

By the way, I changed my hosting provider as well. If you are seeing this post, it means you are seeing this site on its new host, where I hope it will stay for a long time. If anything strange happens, let me now.

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