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October 23rd, 2003 Comments Off on Content Management tools

On account of a personal project, I’m looking for a new tool to manage a site whose main focus is written content. The tool must be able to manage this content effortlessly while also being sufficiently extensible to allow forms of interaction between the users of the site.

While searching the Web, I came across a most useful site called OpenSourceCMS where anyone can try out dozens of tools related to content management without needing to install or configure anything. It’s just a question of following a link to get access to a fully functional installation of the tools, which also includes administrative access. It’s a very nice site, indeed.

One of the most interesting tools I found in the site is Typo3, a fully featured CMS with excellent extensibility and a wealth of configuration options that make it a good choice for many kinds of sites. I intend to test it as soon as possible since it seems quite adequate for what I have in mind. The tool looked so interesting that I will consider it for managing this blog as well, if it proves itself satisfactory to my needs. I have been planning to replace MovableType for a long time, as it’s not powerful or flexible enough to do what I want to do in the site. Maybe Typo3 will be the right option.

The OpenSourceCMS site, with all of its options, also convinced me, as far as I can see, that I don’t need to write my own tool since there are plenty of good tools out there that are more than sufficient for my needs. No need to reinvent the wheel when those needs are not that unusual.

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