…has an end.

November 5th, 2003 § 1 comment

And what a disappointing ending! I just returned from the first screening of Matrix Revolutions in my city. I confess: I’m terribly disappointed with the whole movie, story and ending. As incredible as it may sound, the whole movie was extremely predictable. I expected something different from what they came up with. It didn’t need to be the most surprising ending in the history of cinema. It only needed to be clever and stay away from the usual clichés. It didn’t use a cliché ending, but it was predictable all the same. And many other parts of the movies used a lot of clichés.

When I saw the first movie, I thought it would be hard to improve on its story. I feared Reloaded would be simply a way to make more money with the success of the first movie. However, Reloaded had a good story, even if was more packed with action than with plot. It solved old questions and raised new ones. After I saw it, I believed Revolutions would be similar, solving all main questions and leaving some more, both to satisfy the fans and to provide a way to continue with the story beyond the movie. But Revolutions was nothing like this. Anyway, with so much hype, it would be hard to end the series in a way that would satisfy everybody. I think many people will like the movie the way it is. But I won’t. Unless I’m not realizing something deeper in the story, the ending was very simple. The friends I was with thought the same.

I won’t comment on specific details as the movie has just been released and I want to wait for more opinions about it. In any case, I had to see Revolutions. Even if it meant I was disappointed.

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