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The recent hiatus was caused by the usual things: little sleep and too much work — both augmented by the presence of a newborn at home. But I’m coming back; yes, I’m coming back.

By the way, to all you people who wrote to us about our son’s birth, many thanks. :-)

Old posts are back

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I’m so tired that I’m unable to hear the alarm going off in the morning — even when it’s under my pillow. But I digress…

This is entry is just to report that I’ve finally restored the old posts I thought I had lost when my old hosting provider kicked out of their servers. I found a intact backup containing most of those old posts, and they seem to be okay, including comments and trackbacks. There are a few days missing in February but I believe I have those in another file. It’s two years of content — if bad or good writing, I don’t know — but I was sad to think I had lost them.

Update: All missing entries are now here. I still need to write a script to handle changes in the URL scheme of the blog, but at least the content is here.

It’s a boy!

July 3rd, 2004 § 3 comments § permalink

And a big boy, by the way! Weighing in at 3.6kg and 49.5cm long, he came to the world ready for everything. 😀 Mommy and baby are well. Only the father is trying to stay calm and keep himself from shouting the news to every person he meets. 😛 Only trying, of course…

Where am I?

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