Apache dying

November 17th, 2004 Comments Off on Apache dying

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that the Apache server that runs this site and others in my server was dying unexpectedly at odd times due to an unidentified problem. After some searches in the server logs, I found the problem was related to logrotate. Every time logrotate ran, it reloaded Apache, but the Apache service failed to come back up after it had been shut down.

After some fruitless googling, I gave up and hacked the logrorate command to reload Apache twice. I tried other approaches, but that was the only one that worked. It’s a real kludge, but since I couldn’t find another way, I figured it was better than nothing.

Anyway, searching for some details about Debian’s Apache package today, I came across a bug listing that described the very problem I was experiencing. As it turns out, that’s an old known bug in Debian’s Apache, with no available fix. There are some kludge solutions, much like the one I’m using, but it won’t be fixed until Debian’s next big release.

At least I found out that I’m not the one to blame for that one.

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