Lies, damn lies, and statistics

November 22nd, 2004 § 2 comments

That’s probably true for most blogs with a heavy technical content, but I was surprised to find that over 50% of the visitors of this blog access it through a RSS reader. I guess that has something to do with the fact that all feeds for the blog have the full text of the entries, eliminating the need to visit the site, but the number was above what I would expect intuitively.

Most of the RSS accesses come from the big centralized aggregators like Bloglines and Kinja. The rest is split up between dozen of client aggregators, with Newsgator, FeedDemon, and NetNewsWire being the most used. There are even some people using Konfabulator applets. Interesting.

With regards to browsers, responsible for 40% of the remaining hits, Internet Explorer is still the lead. A little more than 50% of the visitors use IE, and 35% use any of the Mozilla variants. Considering the site’s profile, the numbers seem about right. IE numbers are high also because a good percentage of visitors coming via search engines use it. Nonetheless, Mozilla usage is growing, as expected. If Mozilla’s adoption rates continue holds to what the logs show, IE will be overcome in a few months.

I was a bit disappointed by the kind of search queries that lead to visits to my site. None of them was interesting. I think I’m not writing enough strange entries to attract this kind of crazy searches. Also, most of the people visiting the site via a search engine must be frustrated when they come to my site. Most of the entries related with the search phrases have nothing to do with what people where looking for. More than often, a random combination of keywords triggered the inclusion of the site in the search results. People looking for analysis of books and movies also leave the site dissatisfied: my reviews rarely contain spoilers, which limits analysis — even if I wanted to do them.

Referrer spam is coming back after a long winter. Many of the spam URLs that appear on the logs also appear on spam in comments. Since the problem is still small, I’m not bothering with it know.

Well, that’s enough statistics for today. I should be doing something more useful now, but such is the nature of bloggers — navel-gazers all of them.

§ 2 Responses to Lies, damn lies, and statistics"

  • Cyberesque says:

    I’m with you there! And the biggest search hit on my blog is……?
    People looking for the Swedes who decided to have sex on stage to save the rainforest (or something).

    Yes, I have good quality readership! LOL

  • Ronaldo says:

    Ugh! That’s bad. 😛 I guess I’ll have to take back my wish about strange queries.

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