Runs like a fox…

November 24th, 2004 Comments Off on Runs like a fox…

Preparing for the upcoming full-page Firefox ad that will appear in The New York Times next month, the Spread Firefox campaign organizers are asking the site’s users to create quips or small stories to persuade people to switch to Mozilla. The three best quips will be used in the ad.

I was browsing yesterday through the quips already suggested, and had a lot of fun. There are some really interesting phrases, and also some that made me laugh out loud when I read them. Some, I can’t really know what was in the mind of the person who created them.

For example:

“I use Firefox because it’s so self-contained. Everything it installs goes into one folder.”

As if readers of The New York Times will know what a self-contained executables is… Also, the fact that Firefox installs itself to a single folder has no importance whatsoever for users. I can’t even imagine what the person who invented this quip was trying to demonstrate with it.

Another fun example, from someone who wants to rule the world:

“Would you be a puppet, if you could be a puppeteer? Use Firefox and get control back!”

From the series “Doesn’t make any sense”:

“Spreads like wildfire. Runs like a fox. Firefox.”

The next one caused my mind to turn around itself. It’s like that thing Bilbo said in his birthday party — you think you understood what it meant, but you didn’t, not really.

“It does what you want it to do, and it doesn’t do what you don’t want it to do.”

I laughed out loud at the next two. Mixed metaphors are really painful.

“Stop just exploring the web, grab it by the tail. Download Firefox!”

“The web is a jungle. Don’t explore it; dominate it. Be a Firefox. Free.”

A Zen moment — or a Yoda moment — depending on your preferences:

“Spreading I am, Fire I can be, Fox here I come”

You know what just occurred me? Considering the large number of research about pornography, indicating that it’s responsible for a big part of Internet’s total traffic and that it’s addictive, a quip suggesting that Firefox is good for this kind of browsing will be very, very successful.

I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Just kidding.

All right. I’m just having some fun at the expenses of the Spread Firefox’ users, but I think their efforts are truly valuable. If I could come up with a good catch phrase, I would surely contribute it. Since I can’t, I will leave that to more imaginative minds than mine. I guess they will do fine. Before people say I liked none of the phrases, I found some quite interesting, like those two:

“Freedom of Information starts with the freedom to access it. Use Firefox!”

“We gave them the product. We asked them for $50,000. They gave us $250,000. Any idea why? Get Firefox.”

Now, I will just wait for the ad. I’m really impressed by the terrific dedication shown by the Mozilla community. The results are wonderful. Eight million downloads of a preview release and six million downloads of another release just a few weeks later are quite a remarkable achievement. Here in Brazil, I’m quite satisfied to see a major newspaper putting out article after article about Firefox, including a switch guide and a very positive poll. If things keep going like this, I’ll finally start believing standards have a real chance to succeed in the Web.

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