Is SCO out of its corporate mind?

November 29th, 2004 § 6 comments

What the heck? Would someone please tell me what that means? (This is a screenshot taken from the SCO site this morning.)

Didn’t anybody at SCO realized they have that banner on the site yet?

Update: They have noticed the banner and changed it. Another interesting screenshot and an article can be found at Newsforge.

§ 6 Responses to Is SCO out of its corporate mind?"

  • sil says:

    I think you will find that they’ve been (rather subtly) 0wned rather than it being their idea :)

  • Ronaldo says:

    That was what I thought. At first, I wondered if I was looking at a mirror or something like it, but the site is indeed theirs.

    I guess my English also failed… :-) I was wondering if they were out of their mind because they didn’t notice that banner yet. Given all negative PR they’ve been receiving and DOS attacks, I’m surprised they are not playing more attention to their sites.

    Anyway, I loved the banner. 😛

  • Cyberesque says:

    I dunno, with a banner like it’s really inviting all the kiddies to DDoS them isn’t it? 😉

    They should have a new company slogan:
    “SCO – learning to live dangerously!”

  • Cyberesque says:

    Are you sure that second screen grab is authentic? It’s got one hell of a a glaring typo!


  • Ronaldo says:


    Sure thing! And after they got on Slashdot, I’m sure it felt like a DDOS.

    About the second screenshot, I’m not sure it’s authentic since I only found out about it after the banner had been removed. Even if it was authentic, it had been removed by then.

  • Bruno Torres says:

    It’s authentic. At the time I saw it here I went to and saw the banner there. Nice stuff! :)

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