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December 14th, 2004 Comments Off on In the queue

More books in my end-of-year reading list:

Tomorrow Now, by Bruce Sterling
This is the first book by Bruce Sterling that I’ll read. I usually don’t read books attempt to predict the near future because they quickly become out of date, but I’m giving Sterling a try considering the quality of his articles, and his standing in the science fiction community.
The Stand, by Stephen King
I saw parts of the miniseries once, but never read the book. The story seems to be very interesting.
Misery, by Stephen King
Recommended by a friend of mine. The story seems interesting too. I hope it’s not one of King’s cliché stories.
The Third Millennium, by José Maria Domenech
A serendipitous finding: I read this book more than fifteen years ago, and didn’t even remember it existed anymore. A couple weeks ago, someone mentioned it in a science fiction mailing list I’m subscribed to. In the next day, I went to a used bookstore just to take a look at the selections there, not quite remembering it. In an amazing coincidence, it was the first book I found in the science fiction section. This book is one of the first books I ever read in that genre. I was pretty young at the time, and didn’t know there existed adventure books (as I thought about them) with science as the main component. I got hooked, and never stopped reading the genre. The book also inspired me to write my own fiction.
A Strange Valley, de Darrell Bain
I bought this book before I had read Darwin’s Radio and Darwin’s Children, and had not realized they had similar stories (at least, judging by what the cover says). I will give it a try anyway.
The Case for Christ, de Lee Strobel
A journalist analyses the evidence for Jesus.
The Scar, de China Miéville
This book is an indirect sequel to Perdido Street Station. Must not start reading now. I have no time. Must not start reading now. I have…
Selected Tales, de Edgar Allan Poe
I read many of Poe’s tales before, but this selection has some that are new to me. Poe is really a master writer.
Moby Dick, de Herman Melville
Decided to read it again. The last time I read it, I was quite young, and I don’t remember much about the book anymore.

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