Christmas tally

December 26th, 2004 Comments Off on Christmas tally

Three parties with a day to rest between the first two and the last one. End result: two or three kilograms I will need to lose later. I guess all the effort at the gym was for naught. Nothing to do about it, however. Christmas is not a time to keep score on my weight anyway. :-)

I shot 274 pictures, totaling 368MB. Most of them at 4 megapixes. With two big memory cards, I can take as many pictures as I want and I won’t run out of space. I also recorded 13 short movies, totaling 235MB. A whole CD worth of memories for our view pleasure. I can’t even think about how much that would cost if I hadn’t bought a digital camera.

We usually buy gifts as a family at Christmas since we married. So we bought our digital camera, DVDs, fourteen books, and a couple other things. This year was the year of the book for our family. (Of course, this is our internal policy. Relatives, including immediate family, do get gifts lest our sanity be questioned.)

I watched seven movies (most of them after everybody was asleep) and got only 15 hours of sleep. I’ll need to recover those hours over the week, because the new year is coming, with more parties and sleep deprivation.

Let’s see if I will make the next year alive.

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