Not dead yet…

March 14th, 2005 Comments Off on Not dead yet…

To those readers wondering what’s become of this blog, I’m not dead yet — thanks God.

The last two months were a bit hard to me, especially where my health was concerned, and I went though a lot of medical exams to find out what was happening, which, naturally, left me little time to blog.

To complicate matters, a little more than two weeks ago, I underwent an emergency appendectomy. Recover is usually fast, but mine was complicated by an infection that I’m still battling, although it’s mostly gone now.

As a result, this is the first time in almost three weeks I’m able to sit for more than a couple minutes in front a computer, to tackle at the monstrous backlog of e-mails and to do lists that accumulated in the previous weeks.

To those who sent e-mails asking about what was happening, my sincere thanks. I’m well, and I’m coming back. Thanks. 🙂

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