March 21st, 2005 § 2 comments

Nothing like two weeks without being able to work to generate a backlog so huge as to seem beyond any possibility of ever being fully processed. There were so many things to do, so many e-mails to read and answer, so many calls to return, so many small tasks to complete that I almost despaired of life (and I shouldn’t even mention the three thousand entries that the blogs I read produced in the two weeks I was away).

Anyway, after spending a whole week and weekend working on the most pressing issues, things are almost back to normal, although I still have enough unresolved issues to last the rest of the month. The problem with having your own company is that when you get sick, things quickly left you behind if you don’t pay attention.

Fortunately, I’m a lot better now, almost 100% recovered. Thanks for all e-mails and best wishes. I hope that’s another experience I can leave behind, even though things went all right.

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