Degrees of separation

June 4th, 2005 § 2 comments

This thing about degrees of separation is funny. I just found that I’m just two degrees of separation of Mel Gibson. I’m also just one degree of separation from Gilberto Gil, our musically expressive Minister of Culture. Not that it makes any difference, of course. But it’s still funny.

By the way, here in Belo Horizonte, sometimes I think everybody is just two degrees of separation of any other person in the city. For the third largest city in the country, that’s a scary fact.

§ 2 Responses to Degrees of separation"

  • And the fact that I have you in my RSS-reader makes us well – Connected – in a way. Strange, eh?

    Raymond – delurked

  • Ronaldo says:

    I’m glad to know another reader. :-) Now that you said that about blogs, it got me thinking: blogs seem to have really reduced the degrees needed to link two persons in the world, at least in a given public. I guess Orkut and similar sites have showed that well. I wonder if the average distance from another person (six degrees) has gone down with that.

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