Crazy answers to crazy questions

June 6th, 2005 Comments Off on Crazy answers to crazy questions

Who was Caim’s wife?
Obviously, one of his sisters. Or did you believe he was capable of assexual reproduction, children sprouting from his head or something like it? Before you ask, incest and genetic drifting are mutually exclusive concepts.
Is God able to create a stone so heavy He can’t lift it?
Of course. Do you remember the person that was both Man and God? There were lots of stones he couldn’t lift, each of them created by God.
Who created God?
Hello there, you temporally-bound snail.
What did exist before God created the universe?
Only God. Not even nothing existed, since nothingness is a physical function. Zero-point enery and all that.
What is hell?
Hell is the perception of the absency of God. Fire and brimstone are only collateral effects.

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