June 9th, 2005 Comments Off on Disasters

Some people make of clumsiness a entire art form. A co-worker told me the following true story about another co-worker:

The guy was in a meeting, with lots of Important People™ seated around him. Sometime in the middle of the meeting, his time to speak came. He began to talk, and, soon, warming to the topic, started to gesticulate as well.

Up and down, up and down his arms goes, until his right arm hits a coffee cup near him. The cup takes flight and lands a couple feet from where he is, blazing a trail of hot coffee across the table. Miraculously, not a single drop of coffee lands on any person in the path of the cup.

Utterly humiliated — and a bit desperate too — the guy attempts to fix the situation by apologizing to the people around him. Unfortunately to him, he hits another cup with his left arm.

We are still laughing about this. And, after he calmed down, he laughed too.

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