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June 12th, 2005 Comments Off on Superman, Superman…

Recently I bought a Superman DVD collection, which was being offered for a good price in a Brazilian online store. I never read many of the comics — I’m more and more sure I don’t like comics at all — but I always liked the movies. Excepting the fourth, of course, which is utter garbage.

Even featuring such old and pitiful special effects, with plots that would shame any writer today, I still like the movies. Maybe because I first watched them when I was very young and loved the whole concept. Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor is quite nice, by the way.

It had been so long since I had last seen the movies that I didn’t remember much of them. Except for some key scenes whose details still lingered in my mind, and the basic story of each movie, I had forgot most of the dialog and plot development. I didn’t even remember that Marlon “oh, the horror, the horror” Brando appeared so much in the first movie. Also, nothing about the “I came to uphold justice, order, and the American way of live” line.

It’s funny to think today about the values endorsed by the movie. I was reminded of the lines spoken by Bill in Kill Bill: Volume 2 about Superman and Clark Kent. When Bill is talking to Kiddo about the superhero mythology, he says the Clark Kent is how Superman sees us: weak, unsure of ourselves, cowards. His words contrast vividly with one of the few Superman comics I ever read, “Peace on Earth”, in which the Man of Steel tries to easy famine on Earth for one day, Christmas day, and fails miserably, not only because of mankind’s greed and arrogance, but also because of his own limitations. Interesting visions of the same character.

I won’t risk myself by going deeper into this subject, and that’s not the point of this entry anyway. After Niven’s Men of Steel, Woman of Kleenex essay, I confess I never saw the Kryptonian in the same light again.

So I should not have been surprised when the following dialog took place when we were watching the movie:

“This is a 1978 movie, isn’t it? Look at Lois Lane’s dress. Decent, cute, a family thing, huh?”

“I guess so.”

“So, what’s is that about the protuberance you can see on Superman’s red undies all the time?”


“And what was that about the pink color? Also, Lois Lane isn’t the only subject on which Superman is using his X-ray vision, don’t you think?”


“And he’s a bit of a sadist too. I mean, who would drop his lover from such heights just for the sake of scaring her but a sadist? He was smiling when he did that!”

“I’ll pass commenting on that…”

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