I bet I have more of them than you

June 22nd, 2005 Comments Off on I bet I have more of them than you

In the past ten years, I accumulated more e-mail accounts than I care for. Some free, some I still pay for — by the way, who still pays for e-mail accounts today — and, of those, fourteen still remained active.

After the Great Inadvertent System Erasure, I decided to reduce the number of accounts I had given the trouble I had to configure all of them after I reinstalled the system, with all assorted filters and tools. Also, checking and filtering those accounts was taking a long time every day, and some of them received mostly garbage.

So I started by simply deleting eight of them, which were perfectly useless. Other, which are in my server, were redirected to a single account, since the individual accounts no longer serve any purpose and only represent more configuration.

I’m now down to two personal accounts, which serve completely different needs. I also exchanged all POP3 accounts for IMAP4 accounts to avoid problems with local backups. IMAP4 has its flaws, but it will serve me now.

Nice. Now I only need to find a better e-mail client. Evolution is good at POP3, but sucks at IMAP4. Thunderbird is interesting, but is interface is still a bit crude. Not that I mind testing new software, anyway.

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