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My name is Ronaldo Melo Ferraz, and Reflective Surface is my personal weblog. When I write here, I write as a private citizen, and I am solely responsible for what’s written. My current employer has no affiliation whatsoever with this weblog.

The name of the site comes from a common Web phenomenon: the reflection of information. When I was searching for a good name for my personal site, I thought about thousands of names but quickly found out that most good domain names were already taken. (To tell the truth, not so quickly. I only gave up after I had tried almost all Greek and Latin words in my lexicons.) At the time, I was thinking about how weblogs are much like a room full of mirrors that reflect information back and forth ad infinitum, and thought about the name Reflective Surface. Coincidentally, I came across an entry in a weblog that had just been born at the time, and in the entry the blogger talked exactly about that. The rest is history.

A few personal bits

I’m a 28-year-old Brazilian, living in Belo Horizonte (Beautiful Horizon), capital of the state of Minas Gerais (General Mines) and the country’s third-largest city — which is also were I was born and raised.

Now that you know that I’m not a native English speaker, don’t worry about any spelling or grammar errors you may find in this site. I read somewhere that anybody who started learning a foreign language after infancy will take about 32 years to master the language completely. I still have more than three quarters of the way to go. Never having taken classes, I’m learning as I go–mistakes included.

I’m happily married to beautiful Alessandra (who I still couldn’t convince to have a weblog) and have a son, adorable Marcus. I’m a Christian — a Baptist to be exact.


My interests are too diverse to enumerate, so I will list only a few.

As a programmer, I’m obviously interested in all things relating to technology. I’m mostly interested in programming languages, compilers and related technologies. In the future, I plan to publish a few projects of my own in this site.

Also, as you can see from one of the categories in my blog, reading is one of my passions. I try to read at least ten books each month. I miss the time when I was younger and still could read one or two everyday. I read anything I can get, but I tend to read much more science fiction and fantasy. I don’t have favorite authors, or rather, every good author becomes a favorite.

My tastes in music are very eclectic, but I prefer rock. My favorites artists are Petra, Dire Straits and The Alan Parsons Project. I’m currently learning to play the guitar. Two months ago I bought a Danelectro DC-3 from a friend. It’s an incredible sounding guitar that already gave me countless hours of pure enjoyment.

Contact me

Well, I guess that is all I can indulge to write about myself. For futher information, jobs offers, or anything else, you may contact me at mtblog@reflectivesurface.com.

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  • […] So, I started wondering what kind of Rails community exists in Brazil. The Ruby on Rails in Brazil site is pretty sweet… a Portuguese replica of the original site . Ronaldo Melo Ferraz over at Reflective Surface is responsible for that. […]

  • Ricardo Rocha says:

    Ronaldo, cheguei ao seu nome pesquisando sobre Ruby, gostaria de trocar algumas informações contigo sobre Ruby on Rails. Se possivel ligue pra mim 31 2191-5555 ou me indique um numero onde eu possa te encontrar.


    Ricardo Rocha

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