March 11th, 2006 Comments Off on AWOL

After a long time AWOL, this blog is back again. If there’s someone still subscribe to my feeds, many thanks: you are indeed a most excellent and dedicated reader.

The backend has been moved from MovableType to WordPress, which is a much nicer and cleaner tool. It imported my old entries flawlessly, and I’m very impressed with its editing capabilities. Its superb usability and performance also help a lot.

I redirected everything I could from the old site, including the feeds, and I hope everything is working. WordPress’s permalink arrangements are almost identical to those of my old blog, but since I moved it to another sub-domain, I expect things will probably break at some edge cases.

Anyway, let’s see how this blog fares. Here I go again, still powered by a contradiction in terms, trying to stay ahead of future shock.

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