iPhone? iPhone!? I want a Phone!

January 9th, 2007 § 0 comments

And I thought a Linux-based mobile phone would be cool… A cell phone without a keyboard? Without a keyboard!? A [cell phone without a keyboard][2], which is also an iPod and with 8GB internal memory!?

Holy crap! Holy, holy crap! Programmable and extensible (I assume it is, because it runs OS X). Forget Windows Mobile, forget QTek, Blackberry and any other mobile company. It will be Zune versus iPod, which is no comparison at all. I will pay–whatever price–they will charge.

I remember reading on Wired a couple years ago (the dead-tree version then) about a man who had programmed his own handheld to be his primary computer. At work, the handheld plus a keyboard plus two monitors. At home, the handheld plus a keyboard plus a monitor or the TV. The handheld was his remote control and everything else–except it was not a phone. Apple brought this much closer to the market.

With something like the iPhone and a couple acessories, the desktop will begin to die. The PC era, as Om Malik said, is over. And because of a phone.

By the way, Read/Write Web has an interesting breakdown of the features.

Back to what matters: I want a phone, mister! Right now. Want to know the worst part: considering that I live in Brazil, it may never be available here, or cost a small fortune.

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