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January 30th, 2008 § 3 comments

Via Read/Write Web, an interesting site that simulates the US primary: Online Primary. According to the article, the site is an experiment in online elections–something I believe we are very far from being able to do, not because the technology is not here but because we can’t trust the established providers.

Very few people have “voted” using the site so far but it’s interesting to see that Democrats seems to be more likely to engage in such experiments and it’s also interesting to note the Barack Obama almost doesn’t have votes in the “Anybody But” category.

The Democratic nomination being about people rejecting a candidate and not about people choosing one, it will be fascinating to follow the site and see the nascent trends.

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  • Flower says:

    Ο/Η Tiraz Falano λέει:Please remove the 6 photo files on this page. I have rerpetod them before as copyright images. You responded, thank you, asking what the url is:This is it:Please remove

  • Hej!Upptäckte din blogg precis och blir inspirerad av vad jag läser. Använder ocksÃ¥ träning för att "bota" mig själv – även om min "sjukdom" tyvärr är självförvÃ¥llad…SIL lÃ¥ter spännande – värsta cardioträningen ju. Ska kollas upp.Allt gott!

  • Exactly! I loved that game, but I have yet to see any AAA effort in the I don’t know why seeing as how games like COD are arena

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