I bet I have more of them than you

June 22nd, 2005 § Comments Off on I bet I have more of them than you § permalink

In the past ten years, I accumulated more e-mail accounts than I care for. Some free, some I still pay for — by the way, who still pays for e-mail accounts today — and, of those, fourteen still remained active.

After the Great Inadvertent System Erasure, I decided to reduce the number of accounts I had given the trouble I had to configure all of them after I reinstalled the system, with all assorted filters and tools. Also, checking and filtering those accounts was taking a long time every day, and some of them received mostly garbage.

So I started by simply deleting eight of them, which were perfectly useless. Other, which are in my server, were redirected to a single account, since the individual accounts no longer serve any purpose and only represent more configuration.

I’m now down to two personal accounts, which serve completely different needs. I also exchanged all POP3 accounts for IMAP4 accounts to avoid problems with local backups. IMAP4 has its flaws, but it will serve me now.

Nice. Now I only need to find a better e-mail client. Evolution is good at POP3, but sucks at IMAP4. Thunderbird is interesting, but is interface is still a bit crude. Not that I mind testing new software, anyway.

Holy Prolificacy!

June 20th, 2005 § Comments Off on Holy Prolificacy! § permalink

Sometime ago, I said I was impressed about the number of blogs Scoble read every day — at the time, more than 1400.

Now, I’m more and more impressed with the number of entries some bloggers can produce in the duration of a single day. If I stop reading the blogs to which I’m currently subscribe for a couple days, some exceed Bloglines’s limit of 200 saved entries per blog. And most are individual blogs, since I’m subscribed to just a couple of group blogs and newspaper feeds.

Apparently, some people are spending more time blogging than working. :-)


June 19th, 2005 § Comments Off on Laziness § permalink

Laziness is one of the fundamental virtues of programming, together with impatience and hubris. Laziness to never solve manually something you can solve automatically. As you can see, nothing bad about it at all.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work all the time. In the next few weeks, I will have to edit almost 2000 PHP and HTML files manually, cleaning up garbage left by other programmers in countless implementations in many tools along various years. I can fully automate the task because each files is virtuall unique, and was modified to a state in which you can’t almost recognize any structure. There are areas in the content that look identical in the screen but whose code is uttely different from that in similar files in terms of formatting, case, and nesting.

Since I’m not doing this, I will have to pay somebody else to do it. Laziness. Laziness.

Final bosses

June 15th, 2005 § Comments Off on Final bosses § permalink

There’s nothing else less interesting to me in a game than final bosses. I think it’s quite anticlimactic to spend sixty hours in a game, raking your brains, just to end up in a closed room with a character that’s ten times more powerful than you and that you can only hope to win if you click fast enough. I would vote for the abolition of final bosses if I could.


June 14th, 2005 § Comments Off on Incoherence § permalink

I still can’t understand why the guy who sold me my current computer put a two-dollar mouse on a machine that was worthy almost six hundred times than when I bought it.

Damn you Murphy…

June 7th, 2005 § Comments Off on Damn you Murphy… § permalink

So it happened that I installed Ubuntu and forgot the installation CD on the drive. It happened as well that my sister-in-law, who was here today, needed to use the computer. It also happened that I was not home and that the installation CD automatically booted when the computer was turned on — as it should.

Now, take that fact that my sister-in-law can’t read a word of English and that the first option in the partitioning stage is meant to use the entire hard disk as the Ubuntu partition, and you can figure out what happened then.

This entry is brought to you via a Live CD, which is the only operating system now working at home. A good night for you, or a good morning, or whatever is the time in your timezone. Thanks.

Degrees of separation

June 4th, 2005 § 2 comments § permalink

This thing about degrees of separation is funny. I just found that I’m just two degrees of separation of Mel Gibson. I’m also just one degree of separation from Gilberto Gil, our musically expressive Minister of Culture. Not that it makes any difference, of course. But it’s still funny.

By the way, here in Belo Horizonte, sometimes I think everybody is just two degrees of separation of any other person in the city. For the third largest city in the country, that’s a scary fact.

Musical Baton

June 2nd, 2005 § Comments Off on Musical Baton § permalink

Kev Spencer has passed me the musical baton. Here it goes:

Total Volume of Music On My Computer: a meager 1.99GB

The Last CD I Bought: Petra — Revival

Song Playing Right Now: Tears of the Dragon — Bruce Dickinson

Five Songs I Listen To A Lot:

  1. Petra — Song of Moses
  2. Legi√£o Urbana — √?ndios
  3. Dire Straits — Sultans of Swing
  4. Sting — Fields of Gold
  5. The Alan Parsons Project — Days are Numbers

Five People To Whom I’m Passing the Baton:

(Let’s see how this meme fares in the Brazilian blogosphere.)

Broadband, at last!

June 1st, 2005 § Comments Off on Broadband, at last! § permalink

Finally! After two years trying to get the service from at least three companies, someone finally decided that the street in which I live, one of the largest in the neighborhood, was a suitable target for broadband Internet installations.

One of the cable companies here is offering the service, and I signed up for a 600Kbps package — the price difference to the 300Kbps package was sufficiently small to make a faster package more interesting.

The price is good but I will still have to pay for the TV subscription as well (I don’t even own a TV). Even so, I’m willing to go with it since I’ll finally be free from the abismal speeds I’m forced to use now, and I can always process the TV signal through the computer if I feel like it. And the cable modem is free — almost.

Canon A85

December 6th, 2004 § Comments Off on Canon A85 § permalink

Thanks to everybody who wrote or commented here with good advice about buying a digital camera. I just bought a Canon A85, which I believe is perfectly adequate for my needs; it also was nicely priced too. Can’t wait to play with it — the manual is a very, very thick book. :-)

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