Christmas tally

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Three parties with a day to rest between the first two and the last one. End result: two or three kilograms I will need to lose later. I guess all the effort at the gym was for naught. Nothing to do about it, however. Christmas is not a time to keep score on my weight anyway. :-)

I shot 274 pictures, totaling 368MB. Most of them at 4 megapixes. With two big memory cards, I can take as many pictures as I want and I won’t run out of space. I also recorded 13 short movies, totaling 235MB. A whole CD worth of memories for our view pleasure. I can’t even think about how much that would cost if I hadn’t bought a digital camera.

We usually buy gifts as a family at Christmas since we married. So we bought our digital camera, DVDs, fourteen books, and a couple other things. This year was the year of the book for our family. (Of course, this is our internal policy. Relatives, including immediate family, do get gifts lest our sanity be questioned.)

I watched seven movies (most of them after everybody was asleep) and got only 15 hours of sleep. I’ll need to recover those hours over the week, because the new year is coming, with more parties and sleep deprivation.

Let’s see if I will make the next year alive.


December 7th, 2004 § Comments Off on Fatherhood § permalink

When I got married, almost four years ago, having a child was the last thing on my mind with regards to married life. In fact, if somebody asked us about this, both my wife and I would answer with an emphatic “no” to the possibility.

We really had no plans for a child — we didn’t even think we would change our mind so we didn’t worry about it. I was neither the kind of guy who hates kids around nor the kind of guy who welcomes them. My attitude in those years can be described as one of indifference.

You can imagine my surprise when my stance on the subject changed radically from one day to another — literally. One day, I woke up and knew I wanted to be a father. Immediately. My wife was flabbergasted.

Of course, things like this can’t be rushed. We took some months to plan. Then we had to try for a few months more before we succeeded in our attempts. Last Friday, our “pacotinho” completed his first five months of life in our little blue world. It’s been two years already since that fateful day, and I can’t imagine a different life for me. As a friend of mine said: “If I knew that being a father was that good, I would have become one earlier”.

Today, I was lying on the bed when I noticed my wife getting up to feed the baby. I went back to sleep, trying to make the most of my last hour of sleep before work. I was almost asleep when I felt something brush my back. I turned slowly, knowing the baby was in the bed with me, opened my eyes, and saw him touching me. He had managed to turn himself in my direction, and when he saw he had succeeded in calling my attention, he flashed me this gorgeous toothless smile and stretched his plump hands towards me, wanting me to pick him up. I never felt so happy in my life.

I don’t understand what made me change my mind about being a father, but I know I will never regret it.

The way of pain

November 25th, 2004 § 2 comments § permalink

Tenth day at the gym. After more than ten years without any kind of regular exercise. In the first two days, every workout session seemed like torture. Climbing down the gym stairs to go home, I felt my legs wobble as if they were made of jelly. At least, as my instructor said — and I didn’t believe at first — the worst pains were over in five days.

The last time I exercised regularly was in the high school. Even then, I had to be forced to practice any kind of sports. Except for the sporadic basketball, which I liked, anything else only contributed to my skipping the classes every occasion I could.

I remember testing my physical condition with the Cooper test back then. Two thousand and four hundred meters in twelve minutes. I finished it gasping, very proud of my result — just to find out later that I was barely the average range. From there, things only got worse. When every flight of steps leaves you out of breath, you know it’s time to do something about it.

I don’t know what’s worse: wake up in early in the morning, something completely incompatible with my lifestyle, or get to destroy myself in a treadmill or an exercise bike. Thinking better of it, I guess there are things worse then that; for example, see an woman twenty years older than me lift four times more weight than I’m able too, without hardly breaking a sweat. At least I’m already seeing some progress in my efforts.

Anyway, after ten days, I feel better. I’m able to finish every exercise series assigned to me, and I’m feeling my body grow more flexible. Muscles I didn’t even know existed are hurting all over my body, but helping me too. The only thing I think I’ll dislike forever is the exercise bike. I’m required to pedal for twenty minutes, and I can’t take my eyes out of the clock, counting every second still remaining.

Now, I just need persistence. As the old saying goes: if it isn’t hurting, it’s not working. But I’m just being way too dramatic about the whole thing; working out is not that bad, especially after it, when you are full of endorphin. Speaking of endorphin, a few days ago, I was waiting at the doctor’s office, leafing through a health magazine, when I found an article saying that regular sex (every other day, that is) is equivalent to a regular program of aerobic exercises. Good to know.


Coming back…

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A mere ten months after I changed jobs, I’m back the company I used to work for.

When I left, I was really needing a break. As I said then, I was tired from doing the same old boring programming. Ten months were a good enough break.

Now, back to my former employer, I will certainly maintain some of the system I complained about in the past. But my perspective is now different, and I’m ready for the challenge. And I’m also learning new technologies. I spent the past week getting reacquainted with .NET, a platform I knew only superficially. Despite some problems, it’s a nice plataform. (Heresy, I hear some say — especially coming from a open-source fan.)

Although my stay at the other job wasn’t what I planned, I learned a lot and left friends behind. It was a good opportunity to think about my career and my intentions for the future.

As a result, I know have a clearer vision of what I want to do, both in my programming career and in the other areas of my life. Ironically, my home computer is becoming more and more a glorified text editor as I move away from development outside my job.

It’s nice to be back.

It’s a boy!

July 3rd, 2004 § 3 comments § permalink

And a big boy, by the way! Weighing in at 3.6kg and 49.5cm long, he came to the world ready for everything. 😀 Mommy and baby are well. Only the father is trying to stay calm and keep himself from shouting the news to every person he meets. 😛 Only trying, of course…


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The last year was a good year for me. The first three months were a bit on the rough side, with the political and economical changes that took place in Brazil, but the rest of it was actually quite good. Many things changed, and I faced a lot of challenges that will extend themselves through 2004. All in all, a better year than most.

May 2004 bring to all of us all of good it can.

I’m going to be a father!

November 12th, 2003 § 12 comments § permalink

My wife just called me: I’m going to be a father! After five months trying, we finally managed to do it. 😀 It wasn’t a long time, but it seemed so since we wanted it so much. Boy, I’m truly happy today. 😀


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Many changes in my life this week… Some important, some not.

Of those, the most important was in my job. I left the company I worked for in the past two and half years for a new position in another Web company. Although the companies have the same target market, my role will be somewhat different in this new company. I will program less and research and design more, which is a more than welcome change. I was simply tired of programming the same old things in ASP, and now I will have opportunity to work with Linux and open source tools, directly participating in the process of building the products the company wants to market.

The other changes were not so important, but they kept me busy for some time. All in all, the past two weeks were two busy weeks. I hope the next weeks are as uneventful as possible.

By the way, I changed my hosting provider as well. If you are seeing this post, it means you are seeing this site on its new host, where I hope it will stay for a long time. If anything strange happens, let me now.

A quarter of century

June 13th, 2003 § 2 comments § permalink

Strange as it may look to me, I’m now a quater-century old. It almost seems like I have spent much more time on this planet that I really did. At least this feeling gives me the opportunity to think in what I was and learned, and in what I want to be and learn in the future. And let another two or three quarter-centuries come! 😀

Terrible week

May 26th, 2003 § 4 comments § permalink

I won’t forget the last week so soon. Friday, I thought nothing could get worse: the weekend, of course, proved that I was completely wrong.

After some days trying to install a database server I had never used before (which, recalcitrantly, refuses to work correctly) and enduring many problems in the implementation of a system I’m working at presently (which are normal — and expected — development issues, but that stress me anyway), I believed that the weekend would be the only good thing in the week. After all, I would be able to stay at home, read some books, sleep, and maybe get to see the long expected The Matrix Reloaded.

Well, I did get to see the movie. It’s just that I didn’t expect to be robbed afterwards — especially with two thiefs threating to hurt my wife and me. I have been robbed before, but I never was threatened that way and I never lost more than a couple bucks. This time the thugs took our wedding rings, my wristwatch, my cell phone, and my wallet. Fortunately, God helped us, and a police car appeared a few minutes later. After a tense car pursuit one of the bandits was arrested, although he didn’t have any of our things with him. We went back to the crime scene and found our wedding rings and my watch a few blocks ahead where the thug had dropped them while running away from the policemen. My wallet and my cell phone were nowhere to be found. As if the robbery was not enough, my wife and I had to wait three hours before being heard in the police station. Afterwards, to add insult to injury, we had to wait for a bus since I don’t own a car and I had no money for a cab with me and no means to get some anyway, as I lost the wallet.

Well, that is how life is. Now I have to cancel a thousand things, go to my bank to sort things out, get a new ID, and suffer a lot of minor inconveniences. Worse, if my ID is not found, I will always expect that someday somebody will use it for something he shouldn’t and I will have put up with more problems because of it. God willing, that won’t happen.

I just expect this week will be better.

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