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I will be moving this site to a new hosting server over the weekend. Expect some problems as the IP will change and I will have to reconfigure a couple things in MovableType and the site itself. After the move this blog will be have its own sub-domain although the old directory structure will continue working via redirects.


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Those are some interesting links I found while browsing the Web in the last weeks (yes, I’m too busy to blog properly these days):

Technology and science:

The Coad Letter
A series of special reports written for business and technical leaders within the IT community. Topics which include test-driven development, modeling, and agile processes.
Analysis: SQL Slammer
A report on the SQL Slammer worm that infected the Internet in late January.
Windows Server 2003: The Road To Gold
A series of articles on the challenges of the Windows NT team at Microsoft.
Swarm Intelligence: An Interview with Eric Bonabeau
As the title says, an interview with a leader in the field of swarm intelligence.
Shared Data, Diverse Applications
“Generalise your data. Specialise your apps. Computing nirvana will follow.”
The table of equivalents / replacements / analogs of Windows software in Linux
A compilation of equivalent Linux resources for some Windows functionality; includes, amongst other things, whom to blame for the system problems.
Internet’s Main Root Server Saturated By 98%: Should You Be Concerned?
An interview with Duane Wessels about a study on the integrity of the root DNS servers.
Mathematical Art of M.C. Escher
“For me it remains an open question whether [this work] pertains to the realm of mathematics or to that of art.” — M. C. Escher.
XP passwords rendered useless
A way to circunvent Windows XP password protection using the Windows 2000 CD. Talk about “Trustworthy Computing”!
‘Supertasters’ diet raises cancer risk
An article arguing that people with a stronger sense of taste are more susceptible to cancer.


Blackmask Online
Thousands of online books.
A hyperlinked dictionary based on Webster on other freely available dictionaries. Interesting, albeit limited.


A Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia
Interesting facts about words in a lot of different languages.
Build the best paper airplane in the world
Intructions and diagrams to build a cool paper airplane.
Children of Dune
The sequel to the Dune TV mini-series. The trailers are quite cool.


Which Price is Right?
An article about the problem of finding the right selling price of your product.


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For the third time in less than two months, my hosting provider went haywire leaving the domain and all related services I use unavailable for almost a whole day. I know we’re in the middle of the Carnival, but three times is too much. As soon as I conclude certain negotiations, I will get out of this provider as quickly as I can.

Update: I should have guessed something else was wrong when I didn’t find a single e-mail in my inbox today from the addresses related to this domain. It looks like the server is just eating the received e-mails without issuing a single error message.

Hosting Problems

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In the last two weeks this site has experienced some service interruptions. Three days ago, it was out for most of the night. I talked to the people who host the site, and they told me another client was running a script that was frequently going haywire and bringing MySQL down. They also told me they still hadn’t identified that person yet. I know it seems pretty strange, but that’s what they said.

Today I received an e-mail from them warning about an emergency maintenance starting today at 11 PM (I’m at GMT -02 now). It’s scheduled to end tomorrow at 6 AM. So, if the site doesn’t come back you know what happened…

Tidbits: For fun and profit

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For profit:

  • Free as in Freedom, a book detailing Richard Stallman’s individual trajectory in the open source movement, is available for free at O’Reilly.
  • Cascading versus Indexed Menu Design is a study of three common kinds of site navigation menus that seeks to determine which of them is more usable. The conclusions it reached were interesting.
  • published an interview with Dennis Ritchie.

For fun:

  • The Mystery of Time and Space is an simple Flash game resembling some solo role-playing games.
  • How good is your spelling? Take a test featuring 50 commonly misspelled words chosen by a copy-editor in the course of his professional years. I managed to score 84%, even making some with some dumb mistakes.


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I finally managed to create an about page. In the process, I fixed a couple bugs in the individual entry template. Needless to say, I should be sleeping.

Brazil’s IDH-M grows

December 31st, 2002 § Comments Off on Brazil’s IDH-M grows § permalink

It’s unlikely to be of interest to anybody except me, but according an Agência Brasil’s article, the Brazilian Human Development Index (IDH-M) has improved significantly in the last ten years, raising to 0.764 from the previous 0.707 figure in 1991. That’s very good news, and I hope it continues to grow in the current administration, which is starting tomorrow.

Merry Christmas

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Um Feliz Natal e um Próspero Ano Novo (a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year) to all friends, fellow bloggers, and visitors. May God bless you and help you in the coming year.


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Miscellaneous links:

Geek Poetry

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Geek poetry: a Periodic Table of Haiku at iSciFiStory. The page also links to a Periodic Table of Poetry.

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