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October 23rd, 2003 § Comments Off on Content Management tools § permalink

On account of a personal project, I’m looking for a new tool to manage a site whose main focus is written content. The tool must be able to manage this content effortlessly while also being sufficiently extensible to allow forms of interaction between the users of the site.

While searching the Web, I came across a most useful site called OpenSourceCMS where anyone can try out dozens of tools related to content management without needing to install or configure anything. It’s just a question of following a link to get access to a fully functional installation of the tools, which also includes administrative access. It’s a very nice site, indeed.

One of the most interesting tools I found in the site is Typo3, a fully featured CMS with excellent extensibility and a wealth of configuration options that make it a good choice for many kinds of sites. I intend to test it as soon as possible since it seems quite adequate for what I have in mind. The tool looked so interesting that I will consider it for managing this blog as well, if it proves itself satisfactory to my needs. I have been planning to replace MovableType for a long time, as it’s not powerful or flexible enough to do what I want to do in the site. Maybe Typo3 will be the right option.

The OpenSourceCMS site, with all of its options, also convinced me, as far as I can see, that I don’t need to write my own tool since there are plenty of good tools out there that are more than sufficient for my needs. No need to reinvent the wheel when those needs are not that unusual.

Phone trouble

July 28th, 2003 § 2 comments § permalink

Last Friday I came home from work and my wife told me our phone was not working properly: we could make calls but not receive them. After some investigations, we found out that our phone number had mysteriously changed. As we hadn’t asked for such change, I called our phone operator to understand what had happened. They informed me that some woman called Marina had solicited the change. The problem is that I don’t know any Marinas.

After many phone calls to understand better what was going on, I also found out that (1) asking for any phone service is as easy as knowing the first three number of the personal ID of the line’s owner, (2) I couldn’t not recover my former number (it had already been transferred to another person), and (3) I will have to pay for the change. I can’t even prevent further changes to my phone number unless I personally go up to one of their offices to officially request that only the actual owner of the line be allowed to make service requests.

Now, it’s plain absurd that any John Doe with knowledge of your personal ID can make changes to your phone line. What if your documents are stolen, which is exactly what happened to me a few months ago? I don’t think that was what happened, since somebody wanting to cause me problems could simply have asked for something bigger, like a cancellation of the service.

I’m not sure of what I’m going to do know. I’m planning to notify some customer defense organizations and generally cause some problems for the phone company if I can. It’s simply unacceptable that a company operating across the whole country has such insecure service procedures. Anyway, anything I can do to prevent further “incidents” like that and help people to avoid them is worth trying.


October 5th, 2002 § Comments Off on Elections § permalink

Tomorrow we will hold general elections. We will chose our president, governors, senators and deputies.

Brazilian elections are important to the world at large as Brazil is world’s eight economy and Latin America’s first. This year’s election is even more important because, for the first time, it seems the Workers Party’s candidate, Luis Ign├ício “Lula” da Silva, is in a position to win the presidential election, after years trying to — and it seems he will win outright, without the usual runoff that happens every election. The simple prospect of his victory sent ripples through the whole world, affected our economy, and increased tension in the country in the last weeks.

I don’t believe he has the experience for such a daunting task as he never held a public position but a four-year term as a deputy and hasn’t had any other job ever since but being a leader of his party (a time he used to criticize the government without offering any help). I just hope that, if he wins, he can govern without hurting our country.

I can understand the reasons our people have to choose him as our president even if I don’t approve them. I pray that God may help him, and our people, if we wake Monday with him as our president.

MovableType tips, plugins, and hacks

October 3rd, 2002 § Comments Off on MovableType tips, plugins, and hacks § permalink

Cool tips, plugins, and hacks for MovableType users out there by Brad Choate. The site also contains pointers to other MovableType resources.

The RDF Query-o-Matic Light

October 3rd, 2002 § Comments Off on The RDF Query-o-Matic Light § permalink

Burningbird published a PHP cousin of the RDF Query-o-Matic. Nice!

Google ranking worries

October 1st, 2002 § Comments Off on Google ranking worries § permalink

I was amused to see people complaining — some good-naturedly, other not so — about their page rankings in Google. To them I say: “Be happy, I don’t even appear in the Google index at all.”

There are four lights

October 1st, 2002 § Comments Off on There are four lights § permalink

Mark Pilgrim: “One year ago today…”

It speaks by itself.

RC5-64 completed

October 1st, 2002 § Comments Off on RC5-64 completed § permalink

After 1,757 days, the RC5-64 project from was completed.

Red Hat 8.0 released

October 1st, 2002 § Comments Off on Red Hat 8.0 released § permalink

Red Hat released version 8.0 of its flagship product. OSNews has a nice review with some screenshots showing the revamped GUI and the new features. I have Red Hat 7.2 installed in my computer at home (along with Mandrake 8.2 and Windows 2000), but I rarely use it as I prefer Mandrake. Anyway, I can always lose some time installing a new distro :-)

Of Land and Hope

September 30th, 2002 § Comments Off on Of Land and Hope § permalink

Reading the news in my aggregator today, I found an article about the Landless Workers Movement, a Brazilian movement that aims to wrest idle land from landowners. As a Brazilian, I regularly follow the news about the MST, as it’s called in Portuguese, given its expressive participation in Brazil’s current political landscape.

The article attracted my attention because it represented a non-Brazilian point of view about the movement. Contrary to most of the propaganda I usually see, the article gave a good account of the issues involved, and if it was too favorable to MST, it also showed a different side of the movement.

Although I disagree with the way the MST works to accomplish its goals (sometimes it seems they think the ends justify the means), I must credit them with being one of the few active bodies working to create a better Brazil and provide dignity for countless Brazilians — a fact that the article stresses. I particularly liked the movement’s awareness about the need to create conscious citizens: people who understand their responsibilities to the society. Of course, there are some people inside the movement that see it as a way to achieve their own goals and will use any means to that. Unfortunately, in recent times, much of the MST activities have shown the hand of such kind of people, but I sincerely hope the movement as a body can live up to the beliefs expressed in the article.

To sum up my impressions, the article made me think and re-evaluate my views about the MST, and while I still have reservations about some of their beliefs and practices, I can now understand better what they say and do.

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